Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society

Message from the President

More than 70% of the population in India lives in villages, most of which are underdeveloped. Various strategies have been formulated from time to time for upgrading the rural sector for alleviation poverty, creation of employment opportunities and generate good growth.

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Message from the desk of CEO

As usual SUWS had plans to serve more and more needy people and bring them under the umbrella of the society, but no branch expansion programme could be made possible during the last year. Though there was increase in number of members, number of loan disbursal was marginally lower than the previous year.

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Welcome to Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society

Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society (SUWS) is very popular name in the state of West Bengal so far microfinance activities are concerned. Though formally established in 1993 it came into microfinance operation effectively in the year 1998.

Commencement of journey of SUWS was the collective effort of some young dynamic people who were ready to work for the benefit of the people coming from socially and economically disadvantaged segments and their drive was really challenging one as this was a new venture to them. They acted under the leadership of Sri Sudipta Banerjee, present C.E.O and Secretary of the organisation who devoted his career entirely for the social work. In addition they were persistently guided by Shri Kashinath Banerjee, existing President of SUWS.

Basic objective towards formation of SUWS was to strive for all-round development of the distressed and disadvantaged class of the people having no resources, with financial and other supports for their livelihood through a non-profitable organisation.

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